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WRITE IT : MIC IT is Poleroid Theatre’s acclaimed, eclectic performance platform for the UK's best emerging and established Playwrights, Comedians, Spoken Word Artists and Sketch Groups.


Our nights are curated and hosted by Artistic Director Molly Roberts, and allow artists to try out new material to an audience right at the ground level of its development, in a supportive, generous and nurturing environment.

Poleroid have given opportunities to hundreds of artists since launching WRITE IT : MIC IT in 2012 and have been hosted at:

Paines Plough Roundabout

The Hackney Attic

Upstairs at the Ritzy

Vault Festival

Live Theatre Newcastle

Manchester Castle Hotel

Wilderness Festival

Standon Calling Festival

Edinburgh Fringe

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Interested in performing?


Drop us a line with a brief outline of your act / work and any example material to:


“Performing with Poleroid Theatre was one of the most informative experiences of my theatre career. I learnt that telling my story takes courage”

James Cooney (RSC/Bottleneck)

“It is an invaluable resource for writers and writer performers - it's an opportunity to crash test material in an intimate and relaxed environment, the audience fully briefed on what to expect and open to whatever you throw at them. It's a great place to explore new ideas that perhaps don't have a home yet and to experiment in new spaces that you otherwise wouldn't have a chance to perform in.


After last year's WIMI in Edinburgh, I decided to apply to take my new show to the venue we performed in, because I enjoyed the experience of performing there so much. I'm now booked in as a visiting company at that

venue (Paines Plough Roundabout) this year. Poleroid gave me a little foothold in that relationship as well as a chance to test out the space.”

Katie Bonna (Dirty Great Love Story/Soho Theatre)

“Write It: Mic It has a perfect audience for testing out new material”


Daniel Carpenter (Writer)

"My two poems first read at Write It : Mic It were published today”


David Marshall (Poet)

“Write it Mic it has been integral to my development as a writer and comedian over the past two years. Write It Mic It at Hackney Attic, where I first encountered it was a superbly run gig hosting a truly eclectic mix of fascinating, diverse and fiercely contemporary voices. The work on show was vivid, raw and held huge creative capital - Write It Mic It was to me a platform wherein new artists cut their teeth and found their voices. The audience was supportive, rapt, willing and it was packed to the rafters. 


I did my first several gigs at Hackney attic with Molly and the experience of it was utterly invaluable. It was a safe space to try out new work and find my feet as the kind of creative I wanted to be. After performing an extract of my show LUNCH at Write It Mic It at the Paines Plough Roundabout at Summerhall in Edinburgh last year, my show was picked up for a full run at the Vault Festival 2016 where it sold out and won the Festival Spirit Award. It was then picked up for a full Edinburgh Fringe run this year at the Underbelly, Cowgate and has just been named in the New Current Magazine's top picks of the fringe."

Luke Courtier (Musical Comedy Award Finalist 2015)


Amy Annette | Tom Neenan | David Bibby | Lily Bevan | Gabriel Bissett-Smith | Sophie Wu | Jack Rooke | Luke Courtier | Tom Gill | Maria Ferguson | Laughing Stock | Kenneth Emson | Phoebe Eclair-Powell | Vinay Patel | Camilla Whitehill | Katie Bonna | Izzy Tennyson | Goodbear | Plague of Idiots | James Cooney | Thomas Pickles | Harriet Creelman | Joel Samuels | Alistair Donegan | Skye Lourie | Ben Maier | Charlotte Knowles | Abi Unwin-Smith | Mat Landers | Carla Turner | Michael Regan | Lorna Jones | Martin Williams | Kieron Tufft | Scott Fivelson | Chris Sav | Ian Lane | Damien Slash | Flange Krammer | Daniel Carpenter | Mathew Foster | Christian Walker | Polly Checkland | David Hartley | Sean Moran | Carmen Ali | Jordan Davies | Sean Paul | Omar Hamdi | Nathan Foad | The Twins Macarbe | Omar and Lee | Oh! Standfast | Cassie Atkinson | Jennifer Tyler | Simon Caine | Peta Cornish | David Marshall | Penelope Soloman | Tara Hodge | Rebecca Brewer | Micah Godding | Demi Goodman | Rhys King | Steve Timms | Ros Ballinger | Mark Powell |  Zahra Barri | Joe Sterling | Laura Merryweather | Zak Klein | Carly Halse | Mellisa Palleschi | Jayne Tarbuck | Adam Richmond | Nick Cassenbaum | Peter Groom | Kathryn Rutherford | Steven Flynn | Mathew Foster | Stephanie Merrula | Billy Hicks | Laura Allen | Mark Rolland | Helen Armes | Emily Picken | Tom Critch | Fat Roland | Jasmine Chatfield | Tom Kwei | Maeve O'Sullivan | Lucy Bishop | Chris Yarnell | Paula Varjack | Katie Salt | Joe DeVivre | Sheree Adkins | Leslei Morgan | Giles Roberts | Chloe Mashiter | Jennifer Haynes | Rebecca Tanwen | William Alexander | Matt Steer | Anh Chu | Daisy May | Mixed Doubles | Joseph Hancok | Bertie Taylor-Smith | Lenni Saunders | Joe Cooper | Nija Dalal | Kieren King | Andrea Spisto | Jessica Johnson | Phil Alexanders | Sarah Louise Davies |  Steve Palace | Rosas Poselthwaite | Francesca Tomlinson | Tessa Parr | Sarah Gonnet | Nina Berry | Jim English | POJJ | Anna Spearpoint | Jonathan Schey + More.

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