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Created by The Company

Directed by Rebecca Hill

White Bear Theatre, Saturday 4th January 2014

Technology: in a world where the term “Selfie” has made it into the Dictionary.

“We live in a world where we can really know each other,

on a deeper level than any couple has ever

known each other before…”

Poleroid Theatre are starting 2014 with a blast in a 48 hour race against time with a company of 20 directors, actors, musicians, comedians, writers and technicians to create a entirely original piece of theatre.

Timebomb is made up of both scripted and devised scenes which have been woven together to make a whole, all based around one subject which, through various discussions created huge debate amongst the company and sparked the imaginations of our writers.



Cassandre Atkinson | Mathew Foster | Graham Goddard | Oliver Maxwell Gully | Jessica Hayles | Non Haf | Liam James | Maeve O'Sullivan | Ashleigh Packham | Ben Riddle |

Molly Roberts | Chris Sav | Bertie Taylor-Smith


Chris Webster | Andrew Thompson | The Company

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