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Curated by award winning new writing companies the MolinoGroup and Poleroid

Theatre, The Locker Outings sees five new plays given their first outing as part of

Crowley & Co’s Takeover in The Locker at VAULT Festival.

Working with some of the UK’s most exciting

and celebrated emerging playwrights,

we will bring to life these five extraordinary new plays tackling subjects as diverse as

young love, radicalisation and mental health– a season of work that showcases

young playwrights exploring urgent topics and questions for 2016.


Vault Festival, 27th - 31st January 2016


By Sarah Kosar (Royal Court Theatre Live Lunch Season; Theatre Local)

Directed by Kim Pearce

“No gun, more fun. Say it.”

Samantha's slept with her guns since she was abducted as a child. Her husband didn't mind until she got shot during sexy time. But when a local girl is kidnapped, they have to decide what type of safety they want.

CAST: Tom Gordon | Timothy Allsop | Rosie Wyatt


By Helen Russell-Clark (Papergang Theatre)

Directed by Bethany Pitts

“Once upon a time"

"Once upon a time?! It’s hardly a fucking fairytale…"

"Do you want me to do this or not?"

"Yes! Okay, no fair enough…Let’s… Give this a go!”

In the dead of night an argument unfolds and a couple begin to relive their life

stories. A play about learning how to live (or not live) with each other.

CAST: David Lee-Jones | Helen Russell-Clark


By Vinay Patel (Murdered By My Father – BBC; True Brits; Free Fall)

Directed by Bethany Pitts

"Are they watching?"




"Well. That’s. That’s kinda hot… right?”"

A darkly comic new play about looking for love in an age of surveillance andsuspicion.

CAST: Katherine Newman, Omar Ibrahim, Simon Rivers, Nadia Lamin


By Jonathan Schey (Royal Court Studio Group; Jack Thorne’s Film Of The Month winner)

Directed by Rebecca Hill

“Things got a bit out of hand last night. I apologize for that. But you gotta start

realising who's in charge here"

A new play looking at the bizarre and dangerous world of young squatters. With a

sudden wave of middle class 20 - somethings taking over London's empty properties,

this play asks - has squatting turned from a political act to an escape from the

pressures of 'normal' life.

CAST: Andrew Mcdonald | Oliver Llewellyn-Jenkins | Hannah Good | Cary Crankson |

Adam Buchanan | Rikki Lawton


By Andrew Thompson (Arvon/Jerwood Fellowship recipient)

Directed by Bethany Pitts.

“Like, everything you’ve ever seen, ever thought of fits on this planet and the Earth’s

not even, as a whole, even close to big enough to matter to them.

They kill us.


Keep us alive to kill us.

We’re like lab rats.”

A dark but beautifully comic, brash, unusual drama about growth and strength

CAST: James Cooney |Stephen Myott-Meadows | Molly Roberts | Sarah Porteous


Curator/ Producers | Bethany Pitts and Molly Roberts

Poster Image | Chris Mann

Photography | Richard Davenport

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