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Created by The Company

Directed by Gareth Aled & Molly Roberts

Theatre503, 13th November 2011 & the Etcetera Theatre, 14th November 2011

You know, I could post them. To you. Or to your sister. I mean I don’t know. 

Can you post knickers?

60 minutes of new writing exploring little pockets of life, individuals & their relationships. Who they are, what they hope to be, what they dread to be.


Brief, vivid, colourful hits of contrasting life - Like pegging up a series of polaroid photographs or flicking through a flick book.

"Genuinely involving and credible in its exploration of love, loss, sacrifice and self-maintained suffering"

The Good Review



Directors | Gareth Aled / Molly Roberts
Producer | Molly Roberts 
Publicity | Gabriel Mokake / Jack Worthington

Photography / Design | Chris Mann
Technicians | Laura Merryweather / Sam Harrison-Baker

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